Why not try Graf’s lubrication and laboratory testing service!


The demands of your customers continue to increase. To remain
competitive, you must continually optimise your yarn quality.
Graf can offer a special service for this purpose. You give us your
dyed, unfinished yarn and we will optimise the lubrication and
application process for you.
We are therefore delighted to offer you the following tests:

♦ lubricant application by graf lubrication systems

♦ lubricant application by exhaustion method

♦ solid add-on determination

♦ friction measurement with graf friction device

♦ antistatic properties

♦ sewability test on industrial sewing machines

♦ infrared spectroscopy

♦ tensile strength and elongation

♦ and much more




Your benefits!

♦ competence and long-term experience in application technology

♦ intensive research and development in the field
   of chemical products

♦ creative innovations

♦ responsibility or environmental protection and    safety

♦ competent service for all your needs

♦ we are close to you and your business


We will generate a proposal that is suited to your existing equipment and help you to implement the lubrication process in your factory.

Best of all, there is no charge for the Graf lubrication and laboratory testing service and there are no strings attached. Why not try it?



Simply contact the Graf Sales Service team!