Intensive development activities in the laboratory and trial centre, and the continuous interaction with industry have invested Graf with the expertise to manufacture our own application and testing equipment. Our patented hot application process for yarns and twists using the Single-Lub hot pump application system has become an industrial standard. The compact blue devices allow high-precision lubricant dosing in an extremely clean working process. Efficient resource use and a positive environmental balance sheet, are, after all, the ultimate criterion for any improvement.

Additional devices used in yarn finishing include friction measuring instruments and card winders that guarantee precise parallel winding of the yarns for colorimetry. An abrasion tester that enables the user to work in compliance with all applicable standards was developed for the paint and varnish industries. Special requirements of the industry are met by customized designs whenever the need arises. Our technical devices are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology such as CNC milling machines for highest precision. This is just another example of the synergies within the company and the type of creative thinking that encompasses more than individual products.