Textile chemistry


Graf offers a wide range of products to support the production processes of our customers in the textile and leather industries. Finishing products and auxiliaries developed in our own laboratories are used as additives in the dyehouse, in textile finishing, or – a specialty of Graf’s – in the lubrication of yarns and twists. Our lubrications improve friction and sewability, ensuring trouble-free knitting and embroidering. Agents for yarn bonding, waterproofing, waxing, or wet waxing are also part of the product range, as well as silicone-free and silicone-based softeners for yarns and textiles, which are offered for all types of fibres. In addition, Graf supplies a variety of disperging agents, deoxidants, or machine cleaning agents for the textile dyehouse.

High standards of environmental compatibility and strict physiological requirements have long been a matter of course and allow our customers to attain the ÖKO 100 ecolabel. Textile and yarn producers are assured of highest product quality in appearance and processability. Leather finishing with special regard for the environment is another integral concern, given the fact that, in the past, leather processing frequently involved technologies and products that were hardly environment-friendly. Combining many years of experience with advanced expertise, Graf is able to swiftly adapt its technologies to the continuously changing trends in the textile product segment, that „fleeting child of fashion“, and to meet these trends by creating new products. And, of course, with technical equipment, testing systems and service rounding off our range of products, Graf will not leave customers to their own devices. Graf embodies creativity and know-how fed by strong synergies within the divisions and fed into sophisticated products for the benefit of the textile and leather industries.