Chemistry, Technology, Service

The company has combined its three divisions – Chemistry, Technology, and Service – to form a powerhouse of competence.

The chemistry out of old family tradition is the cornerstone of the company. Through new developments in the technical area, what are especially focused on the customer requirements and on the chemical products, was the company able to complete their range of supply.

Operations in Bad Tölz were launched with a metering system for sewing thread lubrication, to give just one example. The system is now a worldwide standard used by many yarn producers. Various other equipment and measuring instruments for the textile industry and for building preservation applications have also resulted from continuous dialogue within the company and between the company and its customers. Thus, we have come full circle to our Service division, which offers testing and problem solutions in close contact with our customers. Creative interdisciplinary work is the prerequisite for quality.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO 14001:2009 certificated. All areas, that means Chemistry, Technology and Service are included in this quality and environment management.